Tuesday, July 21, 2015

'Outlander' Season 2 Spoilers & News: George RR Martin Chastises Emmys for "Outlander" Snub, Black Jack to Return

“Outlander,” the popular fantasy series on Starz, has got some hardcore fans, including George R.R. Martin, author of the "Game of Thrones" books.

The author, whose ongoing set of Tolkien-like books serve as the foundation for the current HBO hit series, criticized the Emmys for shunning other shows, despite "Game of Thrones" currently enjoying more Emmy nominations than any other show in the 2015 awards ceremony.
Never the type of writer to easily go Hollywood, Martin has taken to hisLivejournal account to voice his frustration regarding the other shows that he felt missed out on the Emmy love that "Game of Thrones" received. Martin praised “Justified” and wondered how “Outlander” could have been overlooked. The 66-year-old novelist praised the music, costumes, and cinematography, along with what he calls “incredible performances” by "Outlander's" three leads.

Martin went on to praise Nick Offerman from “Parks and Recreation,” and wonder how the fan favorite “The Big Bang Theory” could possibly have fallen off the list before, saying: “Truly, the Academy (of which I am a member) moves in mysterious ways.”

As viewers of "Outlander" will recall, the season ended with Tobias Menzies’ Jonathan "Black Jack" Randall character being trampled on by a herd of cows. As of now the series seems to still be undecided about what will become of the rough character in the upcoming Season 2.

But, according to Movie News Guide, Menzies will be back to play Frank again.

In an interview with the Arts Beat section of the New York Times, Menzies speaks to the sexual violence that is specific to his Jack character, saying: “To be honest, I was always keen not to make the sexual violence the point for Jack.”

“I wanted it to be about sadism and that torture was a tool, rather than the aim,” says the actor 41-year-old actor.

Season 2 of Outlander will be full of changes. The show will now be set in France and will introduce actress Frances de la Tour, of “Harry Potter” fame, who will be playing the character of Mother Hildegarde.

Speaking to Zap2it, Diana Gabaldon, whose “Outlander” books form the basis of the series, said that the introduction of the Mother Hildegard character will likely be the most exciting thing fans will experience in the upcoming season, as “she’s very familiar to all of the book readers" and "they already love her to start with.

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