Monday, July 13, 2015

''When the legend becomes fact, print the legend.'' - from The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance 

So many of us would have loved to be able to attend Comic Con in person this past weekend. Alas, for the vast majority, it’s just not possible. Tickets sell out literally almost the minute they become available so we’re left trying to get the bits and pieces we can via any source we can find. One of our followers, Kathleen Rand, wrote of her experience “attending” ComicCon via Twitter. Thank you Kathleen!

Virtual Visit to ComiCon - Where Legend is Fact

Much like the legends of time travel in Outlander, legends about ComicCon have grown legion. After spending the day trolling the scenes of ComiCon via Twitter- I now believe the legend! Outside of the San Diego Convention Center I saw a swarm of humanity and at first glance I just saw a swarm.

However a closer look revealed some organization. I was able to distinguish groups of Star Wars fans, Stormtroopers, a Mr.Spock impersonator and a group carrying 'Come to Jesus!' signs. Right next to the religious zealots I found what I was looking for - a group that resembled Highlanders! BAM! No superpowers of time travel needed! It was a group celebrating Outlander, just what I was tweeting about all day. Pipers and kilted hunks were loud and proud drumming up excitement about my favorite topic-Outlander

The group is from @SDsocaledition, a group who loves Outlander and runs out of San Diego. They were outside on the historic city center of San Diego by the Hard Rock Hotel. I've spent some time at the Hard Rock and this group fit right in.

Moving on to searching for news of Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe, pictures of the pair finally surfaced beginning with a fan picture, then an embarrassing 'What's Under Your Kilt' interview and even the Young Warriors panel, which was somewhat surprising in the sensitivity from panel members which included (no surprise) our beloved Sam Heughan.

Cute TV Guide Pictures showed up giving my Twitter fingers eager fodder for postings, fun with captions and fake magazine covers.

As evening fell I was twittered out and returned, somewhat reluctantly, to the real world. My virtual visit to ComiCon was still fun and had the added benefit of not having to stand in line.

-Guest Blogger, Kathleen Rand

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  1. It took a lot of searching and researching to make sense out of the SDCC chaos. I enjoyed your wrong thing style, clean and cogent. Thanks for sharing with us, Kathleen Rand.