Monday, June 27, 2016

ELLE.Com OUTLANDER Secrets part 12, Jamie Frasers poker face?

Outlander Secrets, Part 12: Jamie Fraser Doesn't Exactly Have the Best Poker Face
In the latest installment of ​Outlander ​Secrets, we bring you an

Exclusive sneak peek of this weekend's episode.​


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Outlander hero Jamie Fraser is good at a lot of things—sword-fighting, kilt-wearing, honor-defending—but putting on a decent poker face isn't one of them. Watch our exclusive clip from this weekend's episode as Jamie gets bad news and struggles to hide his frustration (because when your time-traveling wife has told you the outcome of the battle before it starts, it's gotta be hard to "hope for the best.

Will Jamie and Claire be able to strategize their way out of this one? Watch the full episode at 9 p.m. EDT Saturday night on Starz to find out. (It's the last episode before the season finale, and things are about to go down.)

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