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Outlander’ writer: ‘It’s inevitable’ that Diana Gabaldon won’t love every scene

‘Outlander’ writer: ‘It’s inevitable’ that Diana Gabaldon won’t love every scene


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“Outlander” author Diana Gabaldon has fans on the lookout this season because of a comment she made regarding the show “jumping the shark” in Season 2 in a particular scene, one which she says has not aired yet — and is not in episode 7, “Faith,” which airs Saturday (May 21).

The writer has since clarified her comments, since “jumping the shark” is generally thought to mean that a show has begun its downhill slide. Gabaldon says she misused the term and adds, “I was using it in its broader meaning, just to indicate something that I thought went too far or was inappropriate.”

Understanding that she didn’t exactly mean the show “jumps the shark,” Zap2it has a few guesses as to which scene she may be talking about. But show writer Toni Graphia tells Zap2it that your guess is as good as hers.

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“I’m not sure which scene she’s talking about,” Graphia says. “But I heard she said that and I was wondering [what it was].”

Whatever the scene, Graphia says there is absolutely no ill will between the author and the show.

“I think she used [the phrase] incorrectly. There might have been a scene that wasn’t her favorite scene or the way she would have done it, but ‘jumping the shark’ means that the show is going down hill after that. That they’ve passed a certain point and now everything’s going down hill and that’s certainly not the case at all. I know she doesn’t feel that way,” says Graphia, adding that the “Outlander” crew loves consulting with Gabaldon.

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“We’re very lucky in the way that she loves pretty much everything we do. It’s inevitable that at some point there’s something that she would have done differently, but we’ve had a great relationship with her,” says Graphia. “If there’s something somewhere that she wasn’t completely enamored of, we’re OK with that because we know how much she supports the show. We also know she’s a strong, opinionated woman and that’s OK! We love Diana and don’t want to say anything against her at all.”

“She doesn’t have official script approval but we do try to honor everything and she gives us suggestions and notes. Every time she’s ever had one of those for me, we’ve always taken it.”

“Outlander” airs Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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