Saturday, July 4, 2015

Read A Book or 2 - Part of the Droughtlander Survival Plan

As a part of our Droughtlander Survival plan, necessary to all fans of the Starz Outlander series, may we suggest taking part in the live discussion on Sunday evenings at 9 p.m. Eastern, 6 p.m. Pacific on Twitter? Now for those who've never joined Twitter and thought they never would, let me say a word. I never thought I would either. But this is a wonderful way to find and forge friendships with your fellow fans. It is how we three lasses met each other and connected with thousands of other fans of the show and the books. Let's face it, without the books, there would be no show. So, all respect to Herself, Diana Gabaldon, for creating the characters we all love. Her writing style is gorgeous and I guarantee you'll expand your vocabulary. Even if you've read the books before (some of us more than once!) it's so much fun to discuss them with other readers and get different takes on the story. And what a story! I'm amazed at the breadth of the appeal of this story. Millions and millions across the globe have been taken on the ride of a lifetime through these pages. #readabookor2 is a respectful and lively discussion of characters, plot and even fun details provided by some thoughtful research into source materials by Woodzy and Mrs. Fitz (with an occasional guest researcher) giving insight into Scottish traditions, history and more. Weekly discussions of the entire Outlander series are planned for the long Droughtlander season ahead, so come join in the fun and learn about the books! This is not your mother's bookclub!

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  1. Ever since I read the series last fall I have yet found anything I have been able to take my interest like Outlanders. Diana has ruined my random interest in reading series of other authors as none can compare to her books. Thank you all that have taken the time to put together this page. I am Outlander obsessed and this is a outlet for me.